Food Truck Locator App

Follow Your Taste Buds


This app and website was designed to help you locate food trucks in your area, follow your favorite trucks, and be notified when they are parked and open for business.


Food trucks are valuable because of their mobility. However, this can also be a problem because they are rarely in the same location every day. Also, if you find a truck that you enjoyed it is often hard to find them again unless they have a strong social media presence. 


There were two problems that were addressed in the design of this app. First, offer a way to quickly search for food trucks, in case someone is looking for trucks nearby on a lunch break. Second, offer a way to follow or track a food truck.


Competitor Analysis 

Many of the food truck locator app options were only in selected cities. The 2 chosen competitors, Roaring Hunger and mFood, all offered a different focus but a great service. Roaring Hunger focused on supporting the food truck community. mFood has the market advantage, but it did not have a strong UX/UI.  

User Personas

Sketch Wireframes

Usability Testing

The food truck locator app was tested with real users to find any errors in navigation and visual appearance. I also wanted to observe their interactions and collect suggestions from them. Objectives were to: 

  • Quickly find a food truck and get directions

  • Create a profile to customize their experience

    • Search saved food trucks

    • Turn on notifications

    • Go “live” as a truck driver,

    • Sync preferences from Yelp & Google

A/B Testing

Home Screen (Truck Selected) A.jpg


Home Screen (Truck Selected) B.jpg


The first option offers a quick view of the available food trucks before committing to see too many options. After the testing, the participants that chose the second option made a great point about being able to see a quick view of the menu. So in further development, I may add this slide up menu as an option for users that desire it.




  • The app sounds really cool

  • The colors feel good

  • I love the create account option being second, I hate apps that make you sign up first.


  • I would use this app! I really need it.

  • It’s pretty too. I love the colors and the design. It looks very professional.


  • Love the typography

  • Love the colors combinations 

  • Looks like the fun app.


  • Can I continue to use it as a guest? I usually prefer that option to avoid a bunch of emails

  • I’d like to see in the saved trucks section a way to toggle on and off notifications for each truck

  • Should you include driver-focused screens? I’d like to see how that would look.


  • Home screen is a little confusing. I would think the menu is the home screen. 

  • Maybe change the home icon to a map? Or just say map? 

  • Maybe change the menu icon to profile? That seems to be more intuitive since when the menu screen looks more like the place where we can customize everything.

  • Selected icons need color


  • I think the buttons aren’t large enough

  • The colors from the Facebook and Google buttons on the sign-up screen clash with the orange background

  • Agrees with Natalie, the navigational bar could be worked on a little more. I was confused about the home page too.

Style Guide


Color Palette


Section 4 UI Elements.png


Responsive Designs

Final Screens

Final Mock Up

Mock up 1.jpg